This was a tough one. You’d think such a polarizing topic would be painted purely in black and white. There were many shades of gray. ACCCE, American Clean Coal Coalition, began life as ABEC, Americans for Balanced Energy Choices. ABEC’s platform focused on using coal-based electricity as one part of America’s overall energy portfolio. They went so far as to refer to coal as a bridge fuel – continue to use it, take advantage of its low cost, until we have a viable and affordable solution for the future. Then the coal companies took over. ACCCE was formed. Clean Coal took center stage. And yes, shades of gray there, too: consumer electricity costs via cap and trade bills, a truly viable and affordable alternative for all Americans – and – the very definition of clean.


Eventually, new leadership took over ACCCE. The Koch brothers and Crossroads GPS got involved. At that point, it became black and white … for me, anyway. It became less about facts and solutions and more about bi-partisan politics. And … we all know how effective that is.


It was tough. But the work was brilliant. Off the record, a certain CNN political correspondent stated, “this is the most powerful advocacy work coming out of Washington.” Have a look and judge for yourself.